About us

Huneo logoOver the years, Huneo has processed and analyzed data from many thousands of over-night sleep diagnostic tests. In processing this raw data, we noticed very specific snore patterns that occurred for an Obstructive Apnea event. The patent pending algorithms we developed to identify these snore patterns inspired us to create something to help the general population sleep better. Hence, SnoreTrack and SnoreCoach were born. 

Huneo's SnoreTrack app brings a clinical level of sophistication in snore detection to the consumer. Paired with accelerometer data from the SnoreCoach device, it provides users a simple yet comprehensive look at their sleep quality. These sets of data serve as the foundation for SnoreCoach's anti-snoring functions.

With SnoreCoach and SnoreTrack, you can leverage advanced methodologies in sleep diagnostics from the comfort of your own bed. Understanding how you sleep and stopping snoring have never been easier.


For clinical, institutional, or business inquiries, contact us at info@huneo.com