How To Change Battery

If you've been using your SnoreCoach regularly, you are going to eventually have to change the battery on the unit. SnoreCoach uses a standard CR2032 coin cell that you can buy at any drug store or online. However, you do have to be picky about the brand of battery that you use. SnoreCoach uses the metal in the battery to attract the magnet on the SnoreCoach clip. Not all coin cells are magnetic.

The Energizer CR2032 battery does have a case that is ferromagnetic.  

In order to change your battery, you will need a couple of tools:

  • A small flathead screwdriver, needle nose pliers, or a knife
  • A T5 torx screwdriver

These are available at most hardware stores or on-line.

Here is the basic procedure for changing the battery:

  1. Remove the SnoreCoach from the lanyard
  2. Remove the small torx screws from the back of the SnoreCoach case.  These screws are quite small so put them someplace you can find them later.
  3. You may have to use the small flathead screwdriver to pry open the SnoreCoach case.  It is easiest to apply pressure the back of the case right by the dents where you removed the screws
  4. Remove the SnoreCoach board taking note of the orientation of the board in the case.  You need to put it back in later in the same position.
  5. Use your flathead screwdriver to taking out the CR2032 battery, by prying back the metal clip rather than the plastic clips on the other side of the battery holder.  The metal clip is more durable than the plastic side of the holder.
  6. Replace the Battery with the new one
  7. Place the board back in the enclosure in the same orientation it was before you took it out.  Place the board in the back side of the enclosure with the metal module "up" and facing toward the top.  You'll notice that it really only fits in the back of the enclosure one way.  Put the top of the enclosure over the over the bottom with the "Huneo man" facing up (with the "head" toward the metal module), and press-fit the cover back on the SnoreCoach.
  8. Attach the bottom of the case to the top with the T5 screws that you took out earlier
  9. Insert the SnoreCoach enclosure back into the lanyard with the "man" facing out and toward the top of the lanyard.


For further help changing your SnoreCoach's battery, refer to the following video walk-through:


Replace SnoreCoach Battery

Tutorial on how to change SnoreCoach battery. You will need a CR2032 coin cell battery and a T5 Torx screwdriver.


Don't worry too much if you lose the screws for the enclosure, the two halves of the enclosure have a tight enough tolerance that they should stay together in the lanyard.  However, without the screws, the enclosure may not be water resistant.