What is SnoreCoach?


No More Elbowing

SnoreCoach takes the place of a sleep partner who elbows a snorer or does a "face-push" trying to get their partner to roll over and stop snoring. 

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How It Works

Stopping snoring can be easy and comfortable. With SnoreCoach, your nightly routine is a snap.


Shake to Activate

Give SnoreCoach a quick shake to turn it on and clip it to the back of your shirt collar. You're ready for sleep in seconds!


Listens While You Sleep

The SnoreTrack app uses your phone's microphone to monitor your sleep. It sends signals back and forth with SnoreCoach throughout the night, tracking and recording notable sleep events.


Alerts You to Roll Over When You Snore

If snoring is detected, SnoreCoach delivers a moderate buzz...just enough to tell you to change positions.

Within nights, users no longer know that they were "buzzed", rolled over, and stopped snoring.

Sleep Partners Are Relieved



Sleep Tracking App

Begin tracking your sleep now with our free app, SnoreTrack. It delivers insight into your sleep, identifying potential issues. Working alongside SnoreCoach, it helps you stop snoring and get your best sleep yet.


Keep An Eye On Your Sleep Stats

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Better Sleep Awaits

With SnoreCoach and SnoreTrack from Huneo.

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