Frequently Asked Questions

About SnoreTrack

What does SnoreTrack do?

SnoreTrack listens to you while you sleep, tracks your snore and your snore volume, and uses our proprietary algorithms to look for specific snore patterns that are consistant with those of people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Where should I place my iPhone/iPad or Android device? 

Place the iPhone/iPad ideally within 5 feet of your head position. We have tested distances up to 20 feet.

Do I have to start SnoreTrack every night?

Yes, unless it is paired with SnoreCoach (see below). The app sends you a reminder fifteen minutes before the scheduled recording start time.

Do I have to stop SnoreTrack every morning?

No. It will stop automatically when the scheduled duration has elapsed and sends a reminder that the analysis is ready for viewing.  However, if you do manually stop SnoreTrack, it will record your "time in bed" for the night.

Will SnoreTrack drain my iPhone, iPad or Android device battery when it records all night?

Our extensive tests show that eight hours of recording consumes less than 10% of a relatively new battery with an iPhone or iPad.  Power use is higher when using an Android device.  Most users charge their phones and tablets at night while SnoreTrack is running.

Both my partner and I snore. Does SnoreTrack support this case?

The app will work but it does record a combination of the two snorers. The person closest to the SnoreTrack iPhone or iPad will be more prominently recorded. If you are using SnoreCoach, you might occasionally receive a buzz when you are on your back and when your sleep partner is snoring.

Can SnoreTrack be used to monitor my afternoon naps?

Yes. You may need to start/stop the recording manually.


Will SnoreTrack record my conversation?

SnoreTrack does provide the ability to "play-back" your snore sounds for the previous night.  A number of our customers have requested the ability to hear what they sound like while they are sleeping.  We only store the previous night however.  For historical data, SnoreTrack only records the sound power and averages them so that it is impossible to reconstruct the original sound.   Users have the ability to select whether or not to be able to record the previous night's sounds.  If you choose not to record the actual sound, then this is never stored on the phone.  Snore data shown in the SnoreTrack displays are stored as "sound power" values and do not include the detailed audio signal.

Does SnoreTrack send data to Huneo?

The detailed analysis result is stored only on your smart phone or tablet. Anonymized summary data (e.g., snore percentage and breathing disturbance index) is sent to the cloud so that we can gather population statistics, used to compare your snore statistics to other people in your age group. You can turn this off by logging out of iCloud. Of course, you won’t be able to compare your snore results to other people in your age group.

Does the app access my personal data?

No. The app does not access any of your personal data. The app only uses the microphone for recording, iCloud to send anonymized data, and Bluetooth to communicate with SnoreCoach.


What is it?

Research shows that a majority of people who snore or who have mild sleep apnea are much more likely to snore or experience apnea events while sleeping on their backs. SnoreCoach is a smart positional coaching device that communicates with SnoreTrack and buzzes you if you are on your back and are snoring.  Our testing shows this "coaching" to be highly effective in getting users to to turn to on to their sides.  

What are the supported iPhone/iPad versions?

SnoreCoach uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with SnoreTrack. The following iPhone/iPad versions support BLE and are therefore supported:

  • iPhone 4s or later
  • iPad 3 or later
  • All iPad Air versions
  • All iPad Mini versions

How do I pair it with my iPhone, iPad, or Android Device?

Tap on Settings and tap Pair next to SnoreCoach. Shake SnoreCoach a few times. The pairing should be completed within a few seconds.

My Phone or tablet is already paired. How do I pair it with another SnoreCoach?

An iPhone/iPad or Android device can only be paired with one SnoreCoach. If your iPhone/iPad is already paired with an SnoreCoach, then you need to unpair it first. To unpair the existing SnoreCoach, tap on Settings, then tap on > next to SnoreCoach, and finally tap on Unpair.

Where/how should I put on SnoreCoach?

The SnoreCoach device fits in the lanyard that was shipped with your unit.  To wear the SnoreCoach, simply clip the device on the center of the back of the collar of your sleep-shirt with the logo facing out.  

How does SnoreCoach turn on the recording in SnoreTrack automatically?

When you put on SnoreCoach, the motion turns it on and it starts to communicate with SnoreTrack. If it is within an hour of the scheduled recording time, SnoreTrack will turn on the recording. Otherwise, SnoreCoach will go back to sleep mode.

How do I order SnoreCoach?

SnoreCoach is sold right here on

How long does the SnoreCoach battery last?

With nightly use, the SnoreCoach battery should last about 6 months.  SnoreCoach uses a standard CR2032 coin-cell battery and is user replaceable.  You do need a T5 (torx) screwdriver to open the SnoreCoach enclosure.

How do I know when I need to change the battery on my SnoreCoach?

SnoreTrack monitors the battery level of its paired SnoreCoach. Tap on Settings and then tap on > next to SnoreCoach to find out the current battery level. If the level falls below 10%, you should consider replacing it.

Can it wake up me in the morning?

Yes. To turn on this feature, tap on Settings, > next to SnoreCoach, and On next to Alarm. The advantage of this alarming is that it does not wake up your partner?