SnoreCoach - Sleep Position Coach

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SnoreCoach helps people dramatically reduce snoring. Like an "electronic elbow", SnoreCoach takes the place of a sleep partner who elbows or does a “face-push”, trying to get you to roll over and stop snoring.

  • Works alongside the SnoreTrack app (available free to download in the App Store or Google Play) via Bluetooth connection.
  • Clips to the back collar of your shirt. Detects when you are snoring and delivers a gentle vibration, coaching you to roll to a new position and stop snoring.
  • Use the SnoreTrack app to see how your sleep improves -- when you snored, for how long, and when SnoreCoach helped you stop.
  • View other sleep trends, including your position, possible disturbances, and even play back your snores from the previous night.
  • Uses Bluetooth Low-Energy communications and can last for more than a year without a battery replacement.
  • SnoreCoach and SnoreTrack allow you to monitor all your sleep data over weeks, months, and years. Your sleep is important -- get smart about it!