How It Works

SnoreCoach helps people dramatically reduce snoring. Like an "electronic elbow", SnoreCoach takes the place of a sleep partner who elbows or does a “face-push”, trying to get you to roll over and stop snoring.

An Anti-Snoring Solution That's Comfortable and Effective


Pairs With Your Smartphone

SnoreCoach connects to the SnoreTrack app on your phone via Bluetooth. After initial setup, you can quickly activate them each night with a simple shake.


Clips To Your Shirt Collar

SnoreCoach uses its accelerometer to track your sleep position. It relays this information back to SnoreTrack, creating a comprehensive sleep tracking ecosystem.


Alerts You To Roll Over

SnoreTrack uses your phone's microphone to monitor your sleep. When it detects you snoring, it signals for SnoreCoach to deliver a moderate buzz...just enough to tell you to change sleep positions.


Forms Good Sleep Habits

Within nights, most users reflexively roll over without waking after being buzzed. And sleep partners can finally sleep through the night without disturbance.

See Proof Of Your Results

Go into the SnoreTrack app to check out your sleep stats from the night. Or monitor your progress over time. See...

Nightly Overviews of Your Sleep

When You Snored

Your Sleep Trends Over Time

SnoreTrack App

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